ECMS Foundation Blood Pressure Cuff Program

Empowering Patients Through Home Monitoring

The ECMS Foundation Blood Pressure Cuff Program is dedicated to empowering medically indigent patients in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties. Our mission is to provide these individuals with at-home blood pressure monitors, fostering greater control over their health and ensuring continuity of care.

Bridging the Gap in Healthcare Accessibility

In our two-county area, over 70,000 people live below the poverty line. Research shows that individuals in lower-income neighborhoods face a significantly higher risk of major cardiac events within five years compared to those in higher-income areas. The ECMSF Blood Pressure Cuff Program aims to mitigate these risks by enabling patients to regularly monitor their blood pressure at home, thus reducing the likelihood of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and decreasing emergency department visits.

Collaborative Efforts for Community Health

Through partnerships with local clinics and physician offices, we have successfully facilitated the distribution of blood pressure cuffs to patients who can benefit most. These efforts are made possible through the generous support of our community and members.

Join Us in Making a Difference

To date, the ECMS Foundation has conducted four distribution rounds of blood pressure cuffs, directly correlating to the funds we've raised. Your support can extend our reach and impact:

Grateful for Grant Support

The ECMS Foundation is honored to be a recipient of an International Paper Community Grant, specifically awarded to
support our Blood Pressure Cuff Program. This recognition is a testament to the program's value and potential for community
health improvement.

Partnership Highlight: First City Drugs

Our collaboration with First City Drugs has been instrumental in our distribution efforts. Thanks to their assistance and the donations from our members, we were able to purchase and distribute 312 blood pressure cuffs in 2023. This partnership exemplifies the power of community support in enhancing healthcare accessibility.

Join us in this vital program to ensure every individual in need has the tools to monitor and manage their health effectively.
Your contribution, big or small, makes a significant difference.

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